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Apr 19-20, 2024 

Compete in the KCBS Dr. George Smith BBQ Brawl



Dr. George Smith BBQ Brawl
Murfreesboro’s Only KCBS-sanctioned BBQ Event
April 19-20, 2024 – Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The Boro BBQ Festival is one of Tennessee’s premiere BBQ Events and is a KCBS Competitive Series-sanctioned  contest. It is a community event sponsored by the Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary Club to celebrate the culturally diverse and rich heritage of Tennessee.

This annual barbecue cook-off will celebrate the cuisine of fine barbecued Chicken, Pork Ribs, and Anything Butt…


Apply Today, Pay Online

The Dr. George Smith BBQ Brawl has become a popular KCBS Competitive Series Competition. With only 50 coveted spaces, we have a full field and waiting list every year.

Sign up to smoke now!

We know schedules can change and there’s a lot of great BBQ competitions to choose from. So we’re making it easy to reserve your spot. Sign up today and we’ll put your name on the list. Hurry, that list is growing daily. Registration is $175 per team.

Cook on April 20!

The 10th Annual Boro BBQ Festival will take place at Tennessee Miller Colosseum in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on April 20, 2024. You’ll receive more information by email as we come closer to the event. Remember, this is a 2-Meat+PLUS KCBS Competitive Series Competition. Our judges only want the best Chicken, Pork Ribs you can muster – Mustard is optional. And don’t forget our new third category, Anything Butt… where you can let your creativity shine!

People’s Choice

This year we’re upping the challenge with the third annual people’s choice award For fun and – more importantly – bragging rights, we hope you’ll participate in this pulled-port show down. We provide the butts, you provide, well, everything else! Participation is completely voluntary, but the fun is mandatory. We’ll communicate the details and mechanics down the road, but for now, just select YES to participate in this fun side competition.

Also winner receives Trophy and $200.

Pick up butts Friday after cookers meeting. Turn in Saturday morning at 10am.

People’s Choice is currently at capacity. New cooking teams cannot participate in this event. Sorry!

Competition Awards

Grand Champion
Trophy & Cash Prize
(Based on highest cumulative score of three categories)

Reserved Grand Champion
Trophy & Cash Prize
(Based on highest cumulative score of three categories)

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Chicken $600.00 $400.00 $300.00 $200.00 $100.00
Ribs $600.00 $400.00 $300.00 $200.00 $100.00
Anything Butt… $600.00 $400.00 $300.00 $200.00 $100.00


Cooker’s Application

Cooker's Application

Cooker's Application

People's Choice - We provide the butt...you provide the smoke (not a KCBS-judged event)

BBQ Team Entry Fee: $175

A 20’x 20’ space will be reserved with your entry fee at no extra charge. If you need a larger space select size below:

Large Space *
Port-a-Potty at your site *
Electrical Power *
Pay By *
Judge’s Application

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