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Apr 19-20, 2024 

The 2019 Competition Winners

Congratulation to all our 2019 winners!

Grand Champion
Smokin’ Bandits BBQ
Reserved Grand Champion
Big B’s BBQ
Chicken First Place
Doss BBQ And Steak
Ribs First Place
The Big Orange Smokers
Anything Butt First Place
Lee La Q
People’s Choice First Place
Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ – E6
High School Steak Cook-off
McGavock High School

Overall Winners

  Overall Winners Chicken Ribs Anything Butt
1 Smokin’ Bandits BBQ Doss BBQ and Steak The Big Orange Smokers LEE LA Q
2 Big B’s BBQ Smokin’ Bandits BBQ Smokin’ Bandits BBQ Smokey Mountain Q
3 The Big Orange Smokers Creekbank Smokers Bama Que’n & Brew’n Veteran Pork Pullers
4 Doss BBQ and Steak Pig Destroyer Big B’s BBQ Big B’s BBQ
5 LEE LA Q Big B’s BBQ Serious Hog Prater’s BBQ
6 Pig Destroyer Buckeye Barbeque Pig Destroyer Doss BBQ and Steak
7 Creekbank Smokers Veteran Pork Pullers Purdoms BBQ AdamsBarbecue
8 Buckeye Barbeque Bulldog BBQ ROSCOE BROWN SMOKE TEAM 2 Swine Crew
9 2 Swine Crew Serious Hog 2 Swine Crew The Big Orange Smokers
10 Veteran Pork Puller 2 Swine Crew Barking Pig BBQ Smokin’ Bandits BBQ
11 991 BBQ Pig Sicles Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ RPQue
12 Grumpy Old Smokers LEE LA Q 991 BBQ Buckeye Barbeque
13 Smokey Mountain Q Smokin in the Country LEE LA Q Grumpy Old Smokers
14 Serious Hog Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ Buckeye Barbeque 991 BBQ
15 Barking Pig BBQ 991 BBQ Hunka Burnin Butts Creekbank Smokers
16 Smokin in the Country Grumpy Old Smokers Doss BBQ and Steak Notorious P.I.G
17 Notorious P.I.G Smokin Pimp Bacon and Eggs Mini Fusion
18 Purdoms BBQ Prater’s BBQ Creekbank Smokers Barking Pig BBQ
19 AdamsBarbecue Notorious P.I.G Smokey Mountain Q Barbecue Republic
20 Pig Sicles Bourbon Pigs Barbeque Pig Sicles Smoke In The Grove
21 Prater’s BBQ The Big Orange Smokers Barbecue Republic Bourbon Pigs Barbeque
23 Mini Fusion AdamsBarbecue Smokin Pimp Pig Destroyer
24 Smokin Pimp Smoke In The Grove Battleground BBQ Moonshiner BBQ
25 Moonshiner BBQ Mini Fusion Notorious P.I.G Bacon and Eggs
26 Bama Que’n & Brew’n Barking Pig BBQ Grumpy Old Smokers Smokin in the Country
27 Big Boyz BBQ Purdoms BBQ Smokin in the Country Purdoms BBQ
28 Barbecue Republic Hunka Burnin Butts RPQue Playground Smokers
29 Hunka Burnin Butts Volunteer Q Veteran Pork Pullers Volunteer Q
30 Bourbon Pigs Barbeque Smokey Mountain Q Mini Fusion Brad’s Pit
31 Volunteer Q Playground Smokers Legacy Barbecue Big Boyz BBQ
32 Playground Smokers Big Boyz BBQ AdamsBarbecue Pig Sicles
33 Bacon and Eggs Brad’s Pit Moonshiner BBQ Granny’s Clubside Cookers
34 Brad’s Pit Bama Que’n & Brew’n Brad’s Pit Battleground BBQ
35 Smoke In The Grove ROSCOE BROWN SMOKE TEAM Volunteer Q Bama Que’n & Brew’n
36 Legacy Barbecue Barbecue Republic Playground Smokers Smokin Pimp
37 Granny’s Clubside Cookers Bacon and Eggs Prater’s BBQ Serious Hog
38 RPQue Legacy Barbecue Bulldog BBQ Hunka Burnin Butts
39 Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ Granny’s Clubside Cookers Bourbon Pigs Barbeque Legacy Barbecue
40 Battleground BBQ RPQue Granny’s Clubside Cookers
41 Bulldog BBQ Smoke In The Grove