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May 12-13, 2023 

The 2019 Competition Winners

Congratulation to all our 2019 winners!

Grand Champion
Smokin’ Bandits BBQ
Reserved Grand Champion
Big B’s BBQ
Chicken First Place
Doss BBQ And Steak
Ribs First Place
The Big Orange Smokers
Anything Butt First Place
Lee La Q
People’s Choice First Place
Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ – E6
High School Steak Cook-off
McGavock High School

Overall Winners

 Overall WinnersChickenRibsAnything Butt
1Smokin’ Bandits BBQDoss BBQ and SteakThe Big Orange SmokersLEE LA Q
2Big B’s BBQSmokin’ Bandits BBQSmokin’ Bandits BBQSmokey Mountain Q
3The Big Orange SmokersCreekbank SmokersBama Que’n & Brew’nVeteran Pork Pullers
4Doss BBQ and SteakPig DestroyerBig B’s BBQBig B’s BBQ
5LEE LA QBig B’s BBQSerious HogPrater’s BBQ
6Pig DestroyerBuckeye BarbequePig DestroyerDoss BBQ and Steak
7Creekbank SmokersVeteran Pork PullersPurdoms BBQAdamsBarbecue
8Buckeye BarbequeBulldog BBQROSCOE BROWN SMOKE TEAM2 Swine Crew
92 Swine CrewSerious Hog2 Swine CrewThe Big Orange Smokers
10Veteran Pork Puller2 Swine CrewBarking Pig BBQSmokin’ Bandits BBQ
11991 BBQPig SiclesSweet Cheeks Pit BBQRPQue
12Grumpy Old SmokersLEE LA Q991 BBQBuckeye Barbeque
13Smokey Mountain QSmokin in the CountryLEE LA QGrumpy Old Smokers
14Serious HogSweet Cheeks Pit BBQBuckeye Barbeque991 BBQ
15Barking Pig BBQ991 BBQHunka Burnin ButtsCreekbank Smokers
16Smokin in the CountryGrumpy Old SmokersDoss BBQ and SteakNotorious P.I.G
17Notorious P.I.GSmokin PimpBacon and EggsMini Fusion
18Purdoms BBQPrater’s BBQCreekbank SmokersBarking Pig BBQ
19AdamsBarbecueNotorious P.I.GSmokey Mountain QBarbecue Republic
20Pig SiclesBourbon Pigs BarbequePig SiclesSmoke In The Grove
21Prater’s BBQThe Big Orange SmokersBarbecue RepublicBourbon Pigs Barbeque
23Mini FusionAdamsBarbecueSmokin PimpPig Destroyer
24Smokin PimpSmoke In The GroveBattleground BBQMoonshiner BBQ
25Moonshiner BBQMini FusionNotorious P.I.GBacon and Eggs
26Bama Que’n & Brew’nBarking Pig BBQGrumpy Old SmokersSmokin in the Country
27Big Boyz BBQPurdoms BBQSmokin in the CountryPurdoms BBQ
28Barbecue RepublicHunka Burnin ButtsRPQuePlayground Smokers
29Hunka Burnin ButtsVolunteer QVeteran Pork PullersVolunteer Q
30Bourbon Pigs BarbequeSmokey Mountain QMini FusionBrad’s Pit
31Volunteer QPlayground SmokersLegacy BarbecueBig Boyz BBQ
32Playground SmokersBig Boyz BBQAdamsBarbecuePig Sicles
33Bacon and EggsBrad’s PitMoonshiner BBQGranny’s Clubside Cookers
34Brad’s PitBama Que’n & Brew’nBrad’s PitBattleground BBQ
35Smoke In The GroveROSCOE BROWN SMOKE TEAMVolunteer QBama Que’n & Brew’n
36Legacy BarbecueBarbecue RepublicPlayground SmokersSmokin Pimp
37Granny’s Clubside CookersBacon and EggsPrater’s BBQSerious Hog
38RPQueLegacy BarbecueBulldog BBQHunka Burnin Butts
39Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQGranny’s Clubside CookersBourbon Pigs BarbequeLegacy Barbecue
40Battleground BBQRPQueGranny’s Clubside Cookers
41Bulldog BBQSmoke In The Grove